The Search for Ms. Wright

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I’m DeAndre Wright, a singer/songwriter from Houston Texas. It’s always been suggested to me that I “blog” so eventually I decided to listen and started putting my English degree to “good” use. As far as a valid description of myself, I’d have to first off say that I am a 5’3 giant and the true definition of an onion personality type… I’m made up of many layers and they might even make you cry (well hopefully not lol). I’m pretty friendly though and I laugh a lot but I’m also a little intense. I can be meticulous but it usually pays off in the long run… and I blame it all on me being a Leo/Virgo with my moon in Cancer lol… “tmi” maybe, but so necessary lol.

So… if I haven’t scared you off and you want to read more about where I began, you can go here and check out my very first post. I hope you enjoy my page and check out my other links.

Happy searching,