The Search for Ms. Wright

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I’ve been working hard, finishing the EP, and just overall finding my life’s balance. I attended the 2012 Houston Press Music Awards and even though I didn’t win, I had a bunch of fun with my folks (Hey Free I miss you buddy!!! lol)…

I’m also glad to say that rebuilding the band has been more than a pleasure. Initially I was a little afraid because I didn’t think I would ever find my “fit” but God has put some extremely talented musicians in my life that are passionate about their gift of music as well as about the music that I’m creating.

I can’t wait until yall hear “Pie” and I can’t wait until yall see the new photo shoot & video. The team is really pulling together to do some amazing things. I honestly feel like there has never been a story quite like mine and the music that we have on deck will just blow you away. I’m so excited :-)