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Ok, a few points… 1. You do not know the story behind every stranger; do not test anyone! 2. If you are a woman, do not try to attack a male… ever! Only defend yourself from a male attacker. 3. If you attack ANYONE, you take a chance on losing your life… This guy might have went overboard with the repeated beating, but those ladies had no business attacking him or jumping behind the counter to continue attacking this man. He obviously doesn’t need to work in customer service but I’m not sure if I completely believe he should take the brunt of this situation. This is just another sad case of some women thinking they’re invincible. Not everyone cares if you’re a female so always remember, if you start a physical altercation you can expect retaliation. 

You WILL NOT believe this list!!!! Please read it.

That’s so gross lol… I haven’t had McDonald’s in 5 years but I do remember loving my Big Macs… just not that much :-/