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Yulia Gorbachenko

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A girl can never have enough glitter. Photo via Beauty Addicts.

(via therealvintagehoochie)

So I’m a very “plain-Jane” type of girl. I have a super difficult time experimenting with my look unless I just throw myself into it. I’ll say I’ve been a tomboy for as long as I could dress myself; as a young girl my mom had me in frilly dresses, socks, bloomers, the best shoes, coats, hair accessories… you name it, I had it. She would shop at exclusive boutiques and the best stores- she basically thought I was her little doll. I guess I understand because I was her first born and a girl, BUT we all know what happened… I rebelled lol. I hated having to dress up, my dad was kinda laid back then (now you hardly ever see him dressed down) and I wanted to be like him lol; TLC and Aaliyah became my style icons so I was that girl. Fast forward into 2011, I’m bored with my look lol… I feel like, I’m grown and I shouldn’t be afraid to try things out (no matter how it looks). Now… everyone knows my momma is the queen of the “Red Lip” (that’s all she wears lol) so as soon as I picked up my “Ruby Woo” from the MAC store (suggested by my stylist Tori Hervey) I had to call her. We joked about it because I never thought she’d influence my style again lol but I was really happy with my purchase. I also never thought darker-skinned women could pull off the red lip and I tried it once for a photo shoot but not in normal life. “Ruby Woo” and my cherry lipliner are now my new best friends! Anyone can wear it, so ladies go and get your retro red lip on… I’ve just opened the floodgates and I’m excited for what I will try out next :)

It’s a matte lip color and stays on for HOURS!!!

This is what it looked like before I even put on foundation… I tested it out and it gave my face a dramatic bold look.

Me & my friend (Free) were caught in a funny moment but “the lip” still looks good lol